Transforming development and manufacturing technology to benefit mankind

Laboratory integration and automation

Quality-centric pharmaceutical development and manufacture

Enabling versatility in raw-material supplier, improving quality and increasing margin for all process industries

Handling raw-material variability whilst improving quality and reducing giveaway in light and heavy chemical industries

Higher quality products delivered to patients and consumers faster and at a lower cost

Supporting continuous manufacturing and flow chemistry applications for advanced plant performance

What is synTQ?

synTQ (synchronised Total Quality) is a regulatory compliant PAT knowledge manager and quality-centric control software suite.

The synTQ platform supports PAT strategies in the development and production of manufacturing processes.

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Enhance manufacturing by bringing PAT Knowledge to the Cloud

By offering near unlimited scalability for data storage and processing power, Cloud computing is opening a wealth of opportunities in data mining and predictive analytics. 

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Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a powerful quality assurance tool that can revolutionise the productivity of automated process manufacturing facilities.

Originally driven by the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the integrated approach is being adopted in fast-growing numbers by many other process industries, including food & beverage, FMCG, chemical and oil & gas. As process industries come under increasing pressure to deliver new products quickly, with improved quality and at reduced costs, PAT can provide substantial benefits in each of these areas.

The potential advantages of developing and manufacturing your products within a PAT, and specifically synTQ, environment are many, varied and to a great extent interlinked.

The key drivers for you, your process and your industry may differ from those of another process or industry, but inevitably, there are compelling reasons for implementing PAT with synTQ.  The high-level advantages of implementing a process with synTQ technology can be broken down into Quality, Cost and Time, which are each multifaceted. There are also other, more subtle benefits to be gained.

Optimal’s synTQ PAT platform wins Pharma Innovation Award

Optimal Industrial Technologies’ Process Analytical Technology (PAT) knowledge management software, synTQ, has received a Pharma Innovation Award from Pharma Manufacturing…

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