Grow your knowledge with synTQ Training

Since the introduction of synTQ 20 years ago, the Optimal team has accrued vast amounts of experience and knowledge of Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

Whether you are working in production or R&D, combining your subject matter expertise with our knowledge of implementing PAT solutions will provide you with the tools to develop your understanding of PAT, improving your personal skillset and business practices.

Optimal synTQ training courses will enable you to proficiently develop PAT applications, work with instruments and modelling packages, and close the loop with your historian and control system. You can then apply the insight gained during these sessions to your processes to reduce development and scale-up time, increase productivity and efficacy, improve and maintain quality, and lay the path towards compliance and continuous improvement.

synTQ users can now be officially trained in its functionality. synTQ is indeed intuitive and easy to use, however, to get the most out of a system and to understand some of the more complex functions and features, appropriate training is highly recommended.

As well as in-person training in our offices or on your site, we now offer remote virtual training. We run regular training courses in basic and advanced concepts of synTQ.  Alternatively, we can provide specialised training, tailored to your requirements.

synTQ Basics Training
(2 days FT, 3 days PT)

The synTQ Basics training course is an introduction to the software environment, relevant terminology, and an insight into the basic features and tools at your disposal for the implementation of a PAT solution.

This includes:

  • Developing PAT methods (synTQ Orchestrations)
  • Prompt and alert management
  • File access
  • Audit trails
  • Instrument configuration and control

synTQ Basics training is ideally structured for operators and for PAT engineers or scientists who want to learn how to use the software. It covers the fundamentals of the system while forming the foundation training for the Advanced and Specialised courses.


Advanced Training
(2 days FT, 3 days PT)

The synTQ Advanced training course has the Basics course as a prerequisite. It addresses more advanced concepts of the software, including:

  • The complete configuration of the system
  • synTQ Dashboards
  • Permissions
  • Orchestration optimisation and automation
  • Using models and MVA packages
  • OPC communications and control system integration
  • Data handling

This course is for PAT engineers or scientists who will be working with synTQ in more depth, and need to be able to manage most situations. Completion of this course is necessary to progress onto the Specialised courses.

Specialised Training
(1 day)

Attending and completing both the Basics and Advanced courses opens up the opportunity to explore some more specialised aspects of synTQ.

This can include topics specific to your solution or a subject from the below list:

  • Enterprise Level Software (EM)
  • Reporting Services and Data Connectivity (RS)
  • Admin/Maintenance/IT course (also offered as a separate 1-day course for non-PAT staff)
  • Best practices, naming conventions, derived documentation
  • Access to 3rd Party Tools (e.g. Cloud Connectivity & Data Warehouses)
  • Continuous Workshop

synTQ Certified – 1 week

Would you like to be a fully certified user of synTQ?

Take our complete, week-long training to receive official Optimal synTQ certification!

The synTQ Certification Course consists of the synTQ Basics, synTQ Advanced, Enterprise Level Software and Reporting Services specialised courses. Contact us for details! 

Regular Training Sessions – Available Virtually

Basics Training will run on the first Monday of every month.

Advanced Training will run a week later, bimonthly.

Onsite Training Courses – Delivered at additional cost for T&E

Half-day, Hands-on Events – Look out for announcements or contact us. Available as virtual training. 

Customised Training – On demand