Why choose synTQ?

A robust and quality compliant PAT process requires all instruments, process models and control models to be configured and loaded at runtime. All events need to be recorded and all raw, meta and derived data needs to be gathered in real time and stored with total data integrity. PAT Methods (or Orchestrations, as we call them), may be simple or may be very complex, and your scientist will need to be able to easily create these in a controlled and audited way without resorting to code.

You will certainly need to make quality predictions. In addition, you may need to execute data fusion in real time, or wish to control the process using quality centric multivariate statistical process control (MSPC). It is also highly likely you will need to display univariate and multivariate data in many ways to suit the specific user and enable them to generate the desired knowledge.

Being the most advanced product in the marketplace with nearly two decades of development behind it, synTQ is the product of choice to deliver all these PAT enabling features – plus many more.