What is synTQ?

synTQ (synchronised Total Quality) is a regulatory compliant PAT knowledge manager and quality-centric control software suite.

The synTQ platform supports PAT strategies in the development and production of manufacturing processes. It provides standard, modular and universal hardware and software integration system. This is achieved via effective real-time univariate and multivariate data recording, management, knowledge generation and multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) from the laboratory and small-scale manufacture, through to full-scale production.

For example, it interfaces with spectral instruments, univariate instruments and multivariate analysis (MVA/chemometric) models to offer extensive process analytics and quality predictions. These capabilities enable businesses to control their processes in a real-time, quality-centric way. There are numerous benefits to this, including improved quality, a reduction in cost and time, improved business sustainability, greener manufacturing and the ability for users to continuously improve their processes. It also features tools for automated multivariate process control and report generation, allowing manufacturers to benefit from data transparency and data integrity by design.

The result is an integrated software platform that enables users to gain complete quality-centric control over manufacturing processes, even when production is spread over several different sites. Ultimately, it allows manufacturers to orchestrate their processes, delivering products of consistently high quality faster and at a lower cost.