Optimal’s commitment to support

Support has two aspects – project support and post-installation support. Both are critical to a PAT project and can be supplied by Optimal.

You can have confidence in Optimal being a complete service provider of software, engineering, automation, and system integration for your PAT deployment.  If the need extends beyond our internal skill set, we have a whole host of consultants, specialists, partners, and of course our sister company, OIA, that we can call upon. It is imperative to us that your project is a success – we have no interest in delivering an unsuccessful project. It must deliver you tangible benefits to be considered a success.  The key to an effective project support solution is to tailor it directly to your requirements. We can deliver as many or as few of these services as you require. Irrespective of project services requirements, many customers will call upon Optimal for post-installation support.

We can support businesses in the creation of a complete PAT solution. Our support to PAT-oriented businesses includes installation, servicing, and training support as well as our comprehensive synTQ Assured Global Product technical support.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who supply 24/7/365 support to key synTQ installations.  synTQ is used in multiple critical development and manufacturing processes and as such it is imperative that the system is supported.

The service provides 24/7/365 product support and includes all software updates – both large and small. Please visit our website for further details. This service can be extended to include application support.  You may prefer for the application support to be provided by your local synTQ partner; a list of our partners can be found here.