Optimal announces synTQ User Group Meeting dates for 2023

Optimal Industrial Technologies will hold its next user-focused conference in which the key advantages of its market-leading software synTQ are highlighted from 18th-20th September at Normandy Farm, near Philadelphia, US. The event offers existing and prospective synTQ users an exclusive chance to learn about new software features and how to use them, gain insights into industry trends and applications that can benefit from synTQ. All this while networking with other leading industry players.

The 2023 edition of the user conference is expected to welcome a wide audience, as synTQ is extending its reach beyond Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to support a variety of industrial automation and data-driven applications. These include smart, fully automated laboratories, where synTQ can orchestrate multiple sensors and analysers, and shop floors that can leverage the software for data aggregation and production optimisation.

During the free-to-attend synTQ User Group Meeting, participants will be able to engage with a range of workshops, presentations and demos delivered by Optimal’s specialists and leading industry experts. There will also be interactive Q&A sessions and an optional full day of free training during the 1st day on basic and advanced functionality of synTQ and its integration into the automation pyramid. Moreover, attendees will be able to discuss their specific requirements as well as how to address current industry challenges.

In addition to this, as Optimal will be showcasing its soon-to-be-released Version 6 of synTQ, and attendees will benefit from exclusive, in-depth insights into the capabilities and features of the latest update. Building on the well-established features and functions of the software, the new version additionally provides significant upgrades to support future-orientated continuous improvement, greater interconnectivity. It also opens up PAT-based opportunities to a wider industry group.

Martin Gadsby, VP at Optimal, comments: “We are delighted to be hosting the first in-person synTQ User Group Meeting since 2019. These events are well received, and in my experience, participants are excited to take part. Attendees are given plenty of opportunities to network, collaborate with peers, learn more about synTQ and PAT and learn how synTQ has enabled other users to enhance their processes to drive their competitiveness.

“We look forward to sharing key insights with this strong and well-connected community, so we can address the immediate and future needs of our users. We invite anyone interested in taking the next step in their synTQ journey or, indeed, considering their first step, to join us to discuss how our already proven platform can be used to address their manufacturing and smart laboratory strategies.”

The synTQ User Group Meeting and synTQ training are free to attend and will take place from 18th-20th September 2023 at Normandy Farm, Blue Bell, Philadelphia, PA 19422, U.S.A. Register now by contacting Optimal: https://optimal-tech.co.uk/contact/ 

Image 1: The synTQ User Group Meeting and synTQ training will take place from 18th-20th September 2023 at Normandy Farm, Blue Bell, Philadelphia, PA 19422, U.S.A.