Optimal launches monthly virtual PAT training courses

The ability to effectively use synTQ, the market-leading Process Analytical Technology (PAT) platform, is becoming one of the most in-demand skills for a wide range of subject matter experts (SMEs). These include scientists, process engineers and quality specialists in the pharmaceutical industry. The developer of this software, Optimal Industrial Technologies, is now offering live online training courses to help companies learn how to implement PAT using synTQ to enhance their operations and competitiveness.  

Used by over 60% of the major global pharmaceutical companies to drive productivity, efficiency and regulatory compliance, synTQ is an essential component of successful PAT strategies.

To support companies in the implementation of highly effective synTQ-based PAT frameworks, Optimal is offering regular live virtual training sessions. The courses are ideal for experts in a variety of disciplines involved in the deployment of PAT systems, including specialists in quality compliance, multivariate analysis (MVA), process as well as product science, IT and automation. Optimal’s training courses will also benefit process engineers who want to enhance their understanding of synTQ and how to use it to implement successful PAT-driven manufacturing strategies.

The courses are offered in three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Specialised, each covering synTQ functionalities in more detail. The training sessions are tailored to the participants’ experience, role and requirements. Attendees can also join all three modules in Optimal’s complete, week-long ‘synTQ Certification Course’ to become an accredited synTQ user.

Practical exercises together with Q&A sessions make the training interactive, as participants are able to directly discuss specific questions and technical requirements with Optimal’s expert instructors.

Michael Sachpekidis, Business Development Manager at Optimal, comments: “We are excited to share our PAT expertise with the participants in our online training sessions. Our courses have always been in high demand and businesses will now have a new way to access our specialist PAT knowledge.

“We look forward to our latest virtual training session in April, which will help to provide an enhanced understanding of PAT and show how it can boost a company’s competitiveness. We invite anyone interested in taking part to contact us. An increasing number of companies require synTQ experience, so we are offering these courses on a monthly basis to ensure that as many people as possible can start their PAT journey with the right foundations.”

The next online synTQ training will be commencing on 13th April 2021. For more information on this course or to book a session, please contact Michael Sachpekidis at michaels@optimal-tech.co.uk.