Optimal sees growth of synTQ user community at latest event

Optimal Industrial Technologies reported a very successful 2023 synTQ User Group Meeting, experiencing considerable engagement with established and new customers from (bio)pharmaceutical companies around the world. The event, which took place on 18th-20th September at Normandy Farm, near Philadelphia, US, highlighted the latest advances in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and how synTQ can drive the digitalisation of industry. 

The synTQ User Group Meeting has quickly risen to become a premier event for connecting the platform’s users, developers and application experts. During the 2023 conference, they joined Optimal’s technical support operatives to discuss both well-established and emerging uses of synTQ, which has now become a market standard solution for PAT implementations and digital transformation projects. 

Participants watched real-world case study talks given by leading (bio)pharmaceutical companies that have leveraged Optimal’s PAT knowledge manager and were invited to explore multiple demos. These showcased more traditional PAT-oriented setups in manufacturing facilities, as well as emerging solutions, such as the use of synTQ to support robotised applications and smart, automated laboratories. 

The GMP-compliant software can support the validation of automated, analytical methods in R&D and testing laboratories as well as the transfer of these to other facilities, while minimising additional validation requirements. This capability ultimately facilitates collaboration and standardisation across multiple plants. 

Visitors were also able to preview the upcoming version of synTQ, Version 6, and its new features that enable the creation of ultra-scalable applications. The update builds on the existing capabilities of the platform as well as Optimal’s expertise in Pharma 4.0 technologies, delivering a future-oriented solution for smart operations in the (bio)pharmaceutical sector. 

Martin Gadsby, Chairman at Optimal, comments: “Our 2023 synTQ User Group Meeting was very successful. The session was well attended, attesting to the ever-increasing importance of this conference and the opportunity it presents to connect with users from around the world. I would like to thank all attendees, guest speakers and Optimal’s presenters for the fruitful discussions as well as our instrument partners for their continued support.”

Image 1: Optimal Industrial Technologies reported a very successful 2023 synTQ User Group Meeting.