Optimal shows how to elevate flow chemistry applications at CFC summit

Optimal Industrial Technologies has announced its sponsorship and participation in the fourth Commercializing Flow Chemistry (CFC) summit, taking place from 16th-18th October in Boston, MA, U.S. Attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to explore Optimal’s digital transformation enabling platform, synTQ. This can be a gamechanger in the chemical and (bio)pharmaceutical industry, as continuous flow applications evolve in line with smart manufacturing trends.

The CFC summit serves as a platform for process chemists, engineers and modellers to delve into the value-adding solutions for early to late-stage continuous flow process development. The latest edition will focus on transforming process efficiency, emerging technologies as well as the gains of strategic solutions.

Optimal, a global leader in Process Analytical Technology (PAT), will showcase how this framework is key to setting up efficient, strategic flow chemistry operations. Moreover, the company’s market-leading software, synTQ, can support PAT applications as well as data-driven automated setups in laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Visitors to Optimal’s booth will gain deeper insights into the indispensable role of PAT and a comprehensive platform like synTQ in understanding, controlling and advancing flow chemistry processes. The company’s specialists will be readily available throughout the event to engage in discussions about the seamless integration and realisation of synTQ-driven setups as well as industrial automation systems.

Martin Gadsby, VP at Optimal Industrial Technologies, comments: “(Bio)pharmaceutical and chemical production can greatly benefit from continuous flow manufacturing. For a truly effective system that capitalises on the advantages of flow, it is crucial for companies to integrate value-adding solutions, such as PAT, digital manufacturing technologies and complementary industrial automation setups. In all these cases, leveraging a platform like synTQ is key, as it drives interconnectivity and empowers real-time quality-based process control. We’re excited to connect with CFC attendees and demonstrate how our advanced software can help to enable value-added flow chemistry practices, offering a distinct competitive edge.”

About synTQ
synTQ offers a holistic, integrated approach to a company’s manufacturing activities, leading to responsive, data-driven process control based on real-time quality measurements. Essential to the successful implementation of PAT, the software controls the flow and fusion of key process data that leads to critical quality measurements while supporting full data integrity. This also ensures that manufacturing activities are executed in compliance with all applicable standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These benefits make Optimal’s award-winning software a market-leading solution – one that has been adopted by over 65% of global pharmaceutical majors.

Visit Optimal’s booth in the event foyer at the Commercializing Flow Chemistry (CFC) Summit on 16th-18th October 2023, The Colonnade, Boston, MA, U.S. by registering at: https://commercializing-flow-chemistry.com/take-part/register/ 

Image 1: Optimal Industrial Technologies is exhibiting at the 4th Commercializing Flow Chemistry (CFC) Summit on 16th-18th October 2023, in Boston, MA, U.S.