Optimal to showcase wealth of PAT benefits at leading industry events

Optimal Industrial Technologies is highlighting the benefits of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) at five key international events throughout March 2024. Visitors will be able to take advantage of unique insights, access real-world case studies and learn directly from Optimal experts about effective PAT frameworks.

At each show, Optimal experts will be on hand to demonstrate how synTQ, the company’s market-leading PAT knowledge management platform, helps manufacturers to consistently and quickly deliver high-quality products at reduced costs as well as discuss custom implementations.

Optimal will begin the month with a booth at the highly respected IFPAC conference, which takes place March 4th-6th in North Bethesda, MD, USA. The show is a premier forum for discussions around industrial process analysis, process knowledge and quality assurance, with presentations and talks from by some of the industry’s top professionals.

Four of these will be delivered by Optimal experts on Wednesday 6th March. Jonathan Stratton, Business Development Manager, will present on ‘PAT System Essentials: The Imperative Role of a PAT Knowledge Manager’, showcasing how at the core of any PAT application must lie a solid orchestration and visualisation system.

Callum Ross, Business Development Manager, will focus on the advantages of using PAT in R&D to ensure regulatory compliance and streamline quality auditing in its presentation ‘The Acquisition of CFR Part 11 Compliant Data Early in the Product Lifecycle’.

Finally, Paul Gillham, Innovations Director, will discuss the operational benefits and new opportunities offered by PAT during ‘Optimising Continuous Processes with a Quality-Centric Knowledge Management Infrastructure’ and ‘Innovations in PAT: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the Life Sciences Industry.’

After IFPAC, Optimal will head to Boston to participate in the Lab of the Future Congress USA, taking place March 11th-12th, with its colleagues within SciY, the vendor agnostic software product platform.

In Europe, Optimal are exhibiting at the Bioprocessing Summit Europe from 19th-21st March in Barcelona. The three-day summit brings together more than 750 top bioprocessing professionals to share insights into the manufacturing, quality and control of biological and genetic therapies. Attendees will be able to learn more about the latest advances in PAT and synTQ to advance bioprocessing, enhancing product quality, consistency and efficiency, by attending Business Development Manager, Michael Sachpekidis’ presentation on 19th March at 12:15.

Meanwhile, at the CPAC Rome Meeting 2024, from March 18th-20th, Paul Gillham will be presenting on the topic ‘The Application of PAT and Advanced Instrumentation to Support R&D, Manufacturing and the Circular Economy’.

Optimal will round out the month at the CCP Summit 2024, taking place from 26th-28th March. Held in Boston, MA, USA, the summit focuses on continuous processing in the pharmaceuticals sector. During the event, the company will demonstrate how PAT represents an enabling technology that helps manufacturers efficiently move from batch processing to continuous processing.

Chris Vickers, Global Sales Manager at Optimal Industrial Technologies, says: “The adoption of PAT is crucial to help companies remain competitive in the modern pharmaceuticals market, and can deliver a fast, tangible return on investment.

“As leading experts in value-adding PAT applications, we look forward to being able to demonstrate the benefits of both the technology and our synTQ platform at so many in-person events and to connect with our valued partners and users.”

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